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i'm heading to new york next week to spend some time holiday shopping and basically spoiling myself silly, we're staying at the lafayette house after all. but the thing is i'm a bit bored of all my usual restaurants and hang outs. i'll only be in the city two days so recommend your absolute favourites. the best of the best. a good bar with good wine and velvet seats would be much appreciated!


Bobby Blue said...

the lafayette house looks absolutely amazing. I'm sorry I've never been in NYC, so I can't say anything about it, but enjoy! :)

Anonymous said...

The lounge at the Bowery Hotel (a 2 minute walk from Lafayette House) has wonderful fireplaces and a cozy environment to get a late night drink.

AVY said...

How can anyone be bored in NY?

/ Avy

Katrina said...

You are one lucky girl. Have a great time at NY! xo

Anonymous said...

Marlow & Sons (restaurant) - new American farm to table & great vegeterian dishes!
"Sleep no more" at the mckittrick hotel - AMAZING SHOW! a must see.
Trophy Bar - gingery drinks and sexy 80's vibe!
And of course Yaffa!
Much love. Xx

Catherine said...

Yakitori Totto! My absolute favorite dish there is the Agedashi Tofu. Also the green tea affogato for dessert is super.
I don't know of many places you wouldn't already know of - sorry! I hope you have a magical time in New York. The Lafayette House looks incredible.

Anna said...

freeman's alley is always fun and cosy on a chilly evening. x