ph, american apparel

nothing beats the pair of denim and cotton, so at the top of my fall wardrobe list is a pair of american apparel's jeans. i don't wear jeans often but i'm ready to go back to basics and pair them with simple white cotton tops and cozy jumpers detailed with a nice leather watch and loafers.


Erimentha said...

so good! making me want a ton of denim anything! xx

The Annachrist said...

I'm loving these silhouettes!

Raspberry & Rouge said...

I do like those high waisted jeans.. Definitely on my list too! A jeans and white top = casual, but a perfect base with any statement layering piece! Happy friday!

XO Rebecca

life through red-tinted glasses said...

Love the classic look of jeans and a oxford!!!


Our Youth said...

Basics are good! I need some more... Also I need more money ;)

Hotesses accueil Paris said...

Completely awesome. I do like those high waisted jeans.Also, have featured some of your pictures on my blog. Hope that’s ok.

cottasofia said...

All the outfits are so awesome. I liked it so much..

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