opus 17.

La Grande Odalisque by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres c.1814, Bia de' Medici by Agnolo Bronzino c.1542, Girl with a Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer c. 1665, Beatrice Cenci by Guido Reni c. 1599, Lady with an Ermine by Leonardo da Venci c. 1489, Portrait of Madame RĂ©camier by Jacques Louis David c. 1800

i don't know if it's my own special kind of insomnia but lately i find myself unable to sleep; and not purposefully but always managing to spend hours researching endless paintings and their painters. i've become so engrossed i've started taking notes and am thinking of taking up an art history class. here are some of my favourites. two of which i've been lucky enough to stand in awe of.


Annerose Bach said...

do it, take that class! i've been studying art history and it feels like a passion.

April said...

Do it! Art history is so much fun.

Michalina said...

I love Vermeer, I've seen a movie about him recently and it was pretty good.
You totally should take those art history classes, it must be interesting.

Anonymous said...

you really shouldn't hotlink .. three of your pictures are already gone

sara l said...

well in that case you should definitely take that class! i'm into art myself too and was thinking of doing the exact same thing.. :D
great blog! following you now.

A. said...

anonymous, try refreshing the page? everything's still showing up for me. x