less is more.

"It doesn't scare me that the images aren't retouched, it adds another layer of interest and intrigue," Trindle told us. "I'm as guilty of a slight polish in post as any, but having beautiful woman sit by a window doesn't fill me with unease. The fear that surrounds an un-retouched image is quite amazing - and again I'm no martyr. So much can be adapted in post, and so I suppose the main benefit is its purity."

models for the untouched exhibition by scott trindle. on display at the rochelle school in east london. i swear there is nothing more beautiful than a woman without makeup on. via


AVY said...

That's a good point.

/ Avy

heart in a cage said...


Leanne and Jenna said...

I completely agree. Women are beautiful just as they are. No powders, creams, and lotions required.

HauteMangoGirl said...

goegous faces!


PRIMA DONA said...

this is so beautiful, they all look so natural
less is more for sure!