both, h&m

here's how i like to wear them:
part and gather your hair to the side
braid and secure
pull the braid opposite around the nape of your neck
tuck the ends under hiding the elastic
clip in and secure with one of these beauites


Cs1993 said...

C s 1 9 9 3

Shaina said...

so cute!! love them with braids! xx

April said...

Cute!! I have a barrette my mom actually made. . . it's a dinosaur with rhinestones on it, and then one my roommate made for me, with feathers and twine!

hannah-rose said...

barettes always make me wish i had short hair again. i'm going to reply to your email now lovely!


Michalina said...

If I had any control on my hair, I'd love to wear these. The blue one is beautiful.

Nora said...

love the first barett!

Golden Cadillac said...

the first barett is cute!