i am, i am, i am.

cluttered desks and cups of tea, school girl skirts and toggle coats, moss green collars and ice blue cardigans, wooden mantles and framed landscapes, ornate hardbacks, sundappled breakfasts in bed, messy curls, braids and turtlenecks, a snowy fitzroy rd., winter solitude, cluttered vanities, red lippy and old school curlers

tv snaps when i watched sylvia very late one night with a very unfitting cup of caffeinated coffee.



anna ∆ said...

amazing pictures

Charlotte said...

I would love all of these things x

misslikey said...

I could watch sylvia again and again despite it's very hard movie its very inspirational. and she is so chic!

Anonymous said...


I saw this and though of you x

Tea For Two said...

Your blog is lovely :) Haven't visited in a while but there's always so much inspiring imagery to take in.

I loved Sylvia, it was fittingly poetic.

N P said...

I love Gwyneth Paltrow and Sylvia Plath and Gwyneth Paltrow as Sylvia Plath. Yea, thats everything about "Sylvia.