love hangover.


friday a two hour roadtrip, tourbus, chiffon skirt and fur stole, freezing cold, diner burgers, cigarette machines, styrofoam cups of tea, a new ring, la roux, blisters, barefeet, pretty little dresses, post gig chinese, wine, hotel bed.

saturday a two pm wakeup call, hair pulled back, no makeup, a pancake breakfast, croux hoodie and riding pants, electric avenue, vintage fur shopping, an american apparel spree, disco radio, car rides home.

sunday feeling blue, red lips, leopard jumper, youtube memories, a love hangover.



hildegarde said...

WKNDDDDDDDDDDDD miss it alreadyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

misslikey said...


Charlie, Feminine Bravery said...

weekend - I want another one right now! and it's only monday night...

xxx Charlie

Anonymous said...

where's the second picture from?

A. said...


second photo i found on:


Girl Chic said...

Love it all ;)

I´m now following your blog!! Wonderfull!! Hope you can follow back ;)


Suzanne said...

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Victoria India said...

Lovely photos! xo

Anonymous said...

Loving the blog. Soooo cool!

Camila F.

Alanah said...

like your blog, there are beautiful pictures in it! <3

xoxo Alanah

hope you visit me soon =)

jessica said...

love the first photo !
im glad you had fun love, you deserve it ♥

Miranda. said...

Vintage <3

Miranda. said...
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Lina said...

i love your pics!

visit my blog :)

KcomeKarolina said...

love these pics!
i just bumped into your blog! love it!

xoxo from rome