i promise promise promise to be a better blogger but at the moment i'm nursing an everlasting hangover from new york. and a cold. by staying in bed, drinking wine, listening to the same song on repeat and flipping through old issues of self service and a novel on the history of flappers in early america.

back soon.



gabrielle said...

me encanta el blog!
te sigo!


Clare said...

I do rather like the undies Daisy Lowe is wearing there!

I'm doing a competition on my blog at the moment, if you fancy it!

tweet tweet tweet


Jessica said...

feel better :)

sarah said...

i love the pics. so beautiful.

Prad Savania said...

Interesting! Im currently loving the Gorillaz' plastic beach album too! Love love love, welcome to the world of the plastce beach feat. snoop dogg!

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Amanda Corrine said...

Get well soon and enjoy your book!
-Amanda Corrine

umbrella-in-the-sun said...

sounds like heaven <3

love Daisy...great blog <3


hannah-rose said...

new york sounded just wonderful abby! wish i could have been there to hang out and enjoy. and what is the novel called? sounds like something i would love?

keep me updated on your life. we need to have a chat soon. miss you!


leather lace blog said...

you have some beautiful fotos

Charlotte said...

what is the book called what you're reading?
sounds like a good cure to a hangover
Charlotte x

laura x said...

i love your blog, the flashing image is that daisy lowe?
loves x

trademark lawyer melbourne said...

Sexy piece like your photo

Inês Gama said...

i love LOVE the gif! is go cool!
xx your blog is great!
go girl!

svaaC said...

hey i'd like to ask what song is that , thats played at the end of this post? i love it.

The Ram said...

Absolutely obsessed with the song in this post, and the music in your other posts.
Very inspiring. Love it. xo

amaturecouture said...

love your blogggggggg!