morning, keep the streets empty for me.

my last week in nyc proved to be much less lazy and today i'm heading home in the snow...



Jess. said...

I love the hazy, gritty feel of your new york photos. It's like you captured the essence of the city itself. All hustle and bustle but quite and beautiful in its details.


Erimentha said...

:) i love your blog. you remind me of a reflection of the type of person i wish i could be.

have fun with your trip.


Clare said...

I love your blog, it's full of beautiful things.



amy said...

I noticed you like Florence and The Machine. Her and Dizzee Rascal did an amazing new version of her song, and its being released over here as You Got The Dirty Love, it's on my profile, if you havent heard it already i think you'll loveeeeeeeeeeeee it, the whole of britain right now is going sixk over it ! <3

Valeria said...

wow! really cool! NYC must be very very interesting this time of the year, well really all year long ha! i love that city :)


Clod said...

awesoe pic. it's the true feeling when traveling


your picture reminds me of the song, new york i love you but you're bringing me down by lcd soundsystem. got a glimpse of the feeling like drifting from city to city. have a listen to it.



LYDIA HOPE said...

Man, I wanna be in NY although maybe minus the snow x

Bi. said...

I agree with Jess.
your photos seem to capture the soul of a moment or, in this case, of a city.
I really wish I were better at English to tell u all I think about them.

Coming to your blog is always like traveling to another world.
a more inspiring, unique, cooler world.

xx, Chic and Chocolate.

Anonymous said...