these are my latest finds from new york. two necklaces & a ring.

my favourite place to find jewelry is on the street; where late in the afternoon you can potter through the sidewalk stalls, atop the wobbly tables searching & digging through once loved belongings until you find something & take it home with you to love again.



Miann - Fashion Falsehood said...

lovely necklace

thimbles and gingham said...

love the necklaces.

maria said...

love both! so beautiful!

indie said...

waaah the ring! Loove!

Marta Represa said...

What an absolutely lovely ring! I dream of finding one like that.


MIA said...

amazing jewelery. you bought these things for how much? in here everything is so expensive. bah

Anonymous said...

Fantastic jewelry, god i want them both! It looks really flashy, was it much?

Violet said...

the ring is pretty

Vi from Cali

Anonymous said...


A. said...

MIA & zoey,

the ring was 2 dollars, the gold necklace 3 dollars & the cross necklace 75 cents.


Freya said...

That ring is awesome!
I love your header too.
Great blog.

Noémie K said...

luv it*°*°*°*°
great post*°*°*°*

Twiggy Mod said...

so beautiful x

claulovesfashion said...

OMG.. i really love ur blog... the ring.. is amazing.. i love it!!!!

visit my blog & follow me! =;-D


the style spotter said...

love the necklace!

Jaime said...

I saw your tweet. Why do you hate Nylon? haha just curious. I used to like it a lot.


róisín said...

ah those pieces look so perfect! i need to hit the flea market immediately.

i'm so glad you've got your groove back...i was missing your posts!

oh and i was at some random boutique today and they were playing in for the kill...totally made me think of you! :)


A. said...


i used to love nylon too back when they didn't conform to the mainstream & actually featured inspiring people that weren't the same boring faces we see plastered all over gossip mags.

when it was actually a magazine to look up to for not being like everyone else & a magazine for people with alternative/indie & often different tastes to read & enjoy.

and i cannot stand the fact that they still think they are the coolest most creative inventive magazine out there when every year they featured at least one of the same horrible actresses on their covers.

it's become too trendy & hipster-y for my liking. i'm so tired of hearing about the same people over & over & over again. and every title having to be a pun has gotten way too annoying.

& plus i've heard inside scoop from a very talented uk artist that was interviewed for their annual summer music issue this year & she told me they were horrible & had a very condescending 'hipper than thou' attitude towards her.

enough said.


lovely róisín,

hehe thank you so much - i'm trying. and yes hearing 'in for the kill' at a random boutique would surely have had me in a dancing frenzy ;]


Anonymous said...

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