if vision is the only validation, then most of my life isn't real.

a few favourite things from christmas;

1. sparkly tights.
2. me & my fur hat.
3. fur hat & my new favourite vintage bracelet.
4. fur hat & my new sparkly dress.
5. fur hat & my new favourite ring.
6. more rings.
7. dvd requiem for a dream and books.
8. a handmade headband.
9. satin blazer & sparkly dress.
10. and the la roux cameo tee.

what were your favourites?



joy said...

Furry hats are the best! I have 3, you gotta catch up! just joking. I am glad you xmas was good!

Joy D.

jayne said...

great ring!

Taryn said...

LOVE your rings. these pictures are very moody, in a good way :)

a. said...

hell yeah a., you got a lot. i'm a little green-eyed, i mean i got a lot too. but i never finde the right kind of glittering tights. i got an awesome ring too, but just one. where do you got your new fav ring?


Suzanne said...

that scrabble ring is lovely!!

Suz said...

Where did you find that scrabble ring?! It's amazing.

And YAY! for the La Roux tee. I ordered the black version of it too. Can't wait to start sporting both again when it gets warmer.

rania said...

Ah! You got the shirt. Its amazing. Love all of the jewelry. Lucky girl, you.

Metty said...

My favourites were yellow woolen socks by my grandmum, an ugly shirt from my mum, a horror-game from my sister and her partner aaand a cooking book from my mothers partner, i love all them presents :D

Panda said...

You have such a amazing blog :-)
Love your hat, and that ring, tres cool...
How old are you?
Panda x
*follows you*

Sally said...

I need a fur hat that looks like this. Preferably within the next few minutes. It's cold out there.

Your rings and of course your Elly cameo tee are to die for. God I love this blog. x

Kirsten said...

Loooove the fur hat. You rock it.

Julia said...

love all of it!!!

Lali said...

Beautiful pictures!:)

fritha louise said...

Love your rings! And that hat is too cool!

Papillon Vintage said...

Is that a scrabble ring? Very ingenious!

Check out my blog, if you like:

cuteseas said...

my favs.

my puppy
Pride & Prejudice & Zomibies book
new cookware set
kate spade bag

requiem for a dream is a great movie!

happy new year!!!


prashant said...

Preferably within the next few minutes. It's cold out there.

beyonce video

Daisy said...

Some fantastic books you have there!!

Fashion&Circus said...

OOH. LOVE THE RINGS TOGETHER---the A one looks ace combined with the others! haven't seen it like that before!


Nelly said...

I really love your ring with the "A" . Where did you find it ?