and so i hopped on the eurostar to paris.

this weekend why don't you;

make a pot of tea in your prettiest pair of pants
watch a movie in bed while the sun is still shining
make a mixtape & ship it via snailmail to a friend
scour a secondhand shop for new rings
finish a book or start a new one
cook a fancy brunch for yourself
take an extra long bubblebath
start your christmas wishlist
and hang up twinkling lights
play with liquid liner
discover a new blog;

or start a new one
doodle in a notebook
listen to new music;
ellie goulding : under the sheets
lily allen : who'd have known
the new sins : feelings have changed

write a love letter
repaint your nails
start a tumblr



thimbles and gingham said...

ohh i love to do lists!

jayne said...

oo fun! I wish I did this every weekend!

fuschiaaa said...

Cute cute post. I love your header!

thatsorad said...

Rad! Old school mixed tape and snail mail..... love it!

Lula said...

thanks for this post. i love making this kind of lists, but reading them it's even better :)

vera said...

that's funny. i did many of this things today.

jessica said...

ahhh just like diana vreeland .

zoey said...

Lovely list. Very cute post. Zxx

K. said...

Amazing list!!!!!!
I want to do all of it.

andwhatelseisthere said...

you've moved?



A. said...


no, no! no worries lovey. that's just a secondary blog. a bit of a more personal, rambling blog.

i'll still be posting regularly here on 10.17.


Freya said...

To do lists are that much better when they have lots of cute things on them.
I love all of these!

Iria said...

I love lists and this is particulary great.
Even though this weekend I had to be studying all day & I could do nothing you wrote! :(
All your posts are so cute, and the pics are so original and chic ! :)

Marta Represa said...

This to-do list is by far the loveliest I've ever seen. I'd love to do all that, it would make me happy! Your blog is really cool by the way, I'm so adding it to my favourites!


Valeria said...

OH next weekend i'll try to do at least 5 of them, they seem so fun and enjoyable!! :)

i'm looking forward to the christmas wishlist, the fancy brunch for myself, and the snailmail sent mixtape

love your blog! :)

discothequechic said...

aw, LOVE
thank youu!
and this is the most perfect wishlist, I think.
topped off with tous les garcons et les filles, non?


june said...


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