i miss her simple parisian chic-ness.
just give me a sheer mens top, a beautiful pair of trousers, a cigarette, that ysl ring
& i'm set for autumn's cloudy misty days.



Anonymous said...

i love everything about her
her hairs is just..great
why is it that french women-no-all foreign women make me instantly attracted to them..hmmm
oh and i am so ready for fall, my head can't take anymore headaches form this hott weather :(
how ya holdin' up?

discothequechic said...


fact 1.) we've both been feeling uninspired with the blog lately.

fact 2.) this has been making both of our hearts flutter clearly, as I was going to post it two.

fact 3.) duh.


Antonio Barros said...

She looks cool!!

mercury in retrograde said...

goddamn, she's gorgeous. such a simple but beautiful outfit, it suits her perfectly.

and i dig her room, too, how lovely.

ps: thanks for putting me onto la roux. you're a goddess.

hrose said...

these photos are lovely in their simplicity... she really is very beautiful. and i LOVE that ring. X

leflassh. said...

so gorgeous,
her outfit is perfect, i'm in need of some amazing trousers like those, & that ring, i must must have it, maybe i can convince someone to buy it for my 21st. yes.

nunya said...

love it

hippyhippychic said...

love that sheer blouse

konshonchloe said...

fantastic fotos!! i lov it!



boyfriend chic in the way that only the french filles can.

They still look to london for inspiration though...check Viv W on her wall!


little miss s. said...

aah, I was just looking at these photos today. I love this look, and still love her.

Anonymous said...

Yes, A!
I am totally down for finding sexy ladyfriends to accompany us on those humid paris nights..set the date! we can start right here in nyc-where everyones an immigrant!

Karin said...


Tjejsajten said...

Give me that HAIR and I'm set!

Anonymous said...


Belen Vazquez Amaro said...

i love her look... really bohemian!

vice+venom said...

I love this style for fall. By Malene Birger just debuted an awesome collection at Copenhagen fashion week filled with oversized tops and gorgeous trousers, I think you might like the looks, they definitely relate to this one.

sarah said...

oh, I love this.. it looks simple yet amazing

Sophia said...

parisian chic. the best.