mood - sleepy. best thing about this weekend - my rainy saturday morning spent sipping tea & listening to radio interviews. what i’m reading - just finished my summer of love. suggestions on something new? what i’m watching - foxes the film, youtube videos & it’s on with alexa chung. make-up lust - mac strobe cream. listening to - la roux, lissy trullie, sébastien tellier, white lies, the virgins. favourite recent purchase - sophomore tee. what i’m looking forward to this week - finding august’s issue of interview in my post box. i want - august’s issue of interview. aim for tomorrow - get august’s issue of interview.



Patricia Ann said...

oh crap, i hope you didn't stumble on my site mid renovation. :/

i need a good serif font when enlarged. any ideas?

ooh, since you said you're listening to la roux, i'll be checking out white lies and the virgins.

leflassh. said...

always love seeing new posts from you lovely.
hope you are well.

Anonymous said...

the secret history, by donna tartt is fantastiiiiiicc. you can get it in those adorable orange penguin books (they're a tenner where i live but probably a little less in the u.s).


rachel is a dreamer said...

lovely image. makes me wish i was home instead of work.

The Inimitable S said...

Hey rad blog!
as for a great read, Marcel Proust's: A collection of Short Stories is poetic genius. It's about France's social elite circa 19th century. If you want something dramatic and serious, an autobiography is great, try Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali. If you want a well-rounded book with humour and more, read A Prayer for Owen Meaney. Hope that helps girl!


p.s. please check out my blog (I'm a newbie) http://the-castle-of-kissing-tiny-flowers.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

Franny & Zooey by JD Salinger is wonderful & inspiration for "The Royal Tenebaums"

lydia said...

anything salinger has done is wonderful haha.

woo the virgins!

Anonymous said...

i heart Alexa Chung-la roux was on it today! woohoo and sienna miller-was she not soooo cute when she gave alexa a very adorable cheek kissy? thiugh she was precious the entire interview and Alexa's mate rick i think his name was is handsome!
this photo is really sexy and intriguing and solemn yet happy to me, don't know why will check out the site its linked to though!

Jess. said...

My summer of Love sounds awesome!
My friend read it and has given it to me but it's still on my to do list.

Hope you're well, dear.

Violet said...

haha i love how you keep on the fact of wanting the copy of the interview lol.. whos on the cover

Vi from Cali

Pedro Herrero said...

dear 10.17 and everybody in here!

i'm pedro and follower of 10.17 and i've just started my own blog too about fashion design and art, so check it out!

VISIT: onehundredninetyeight.blogspot.com


Anonymous said...

I may copy you and do a post like this... And I may get August's issue of Interview today.

kyra zoe said...

ah darling i love this picture :)

A. said...

thanks everyone for your lovely suggestions, i wont need a new book now for ages!

jayne - i have that one! a mate gave it to me for my bday last year & i have yet to read it. i didnt know it inspired the royal tenenbaums! i think it wins, if only just because of that!

K - i had only ever sat through one entire episode of it's on & was really only tuning in on monday for la roux! they fucking killed it too! love them so much. & yes sienna was most adorable giving alexa that little peck on the cheek. it was so nice to see so many brits on american telly, yeah?

jess - ohmygoodnes! you must read it. it is my favourite book ever. helen cross inspires & influences me so much with her writing. it is amazing. also check out the movie if you havent already done so. its my favourite as well, naturally.

vi from cali - haa, i dont want it as much for the cover as i want it for this & for elly : http://www.interviewmagazine.com/music/brit-pop-girls/

Anonymous said...

ps - did not get August issue of Interview! Was in Hudson News and saw it and everything and then got distracted and forgot.

wecouldgrowup2gether said...

all those little things in love, all so precious

Efvva said...

Oh I'm feeling this! Nice. Very nice.
Peace. //Efvva

Antoine Nicol said...

I love your blog :p La roux, am fan.