psychobabble all upon your lips.

on friday, i found this little parcel stuffed away in my post box. & thanks to a lovely mate of mine from overseas i now have, despite abroad credit card problems, the la roux album + a little bit of foreign lissy too. i'm obviously thrilled to pieces.

me sans mascara in a topshop crop top & vintage necklaces

current track on repeat rotation : tigerlily.



Sage said...

You are too adorable! More photos like this please! I spent much of yesterday listening to Tigerlily on repeat. Love.

indie said...

yay! I'm so pissed off that the la roux album isn't on spotify yet, haha.

leflassh. said...

oh! i adore this so much.
you look gorgeous darling, love the hair.
and i actually had a listen to some of the la roux songs after hearing you talk about it and i really like it. =] so thanks hehe xo.

Anonymous said...

woo cool! la roux is amazing <3

hrose said...

don't you love getting surprise packages with things that you want badly? it's always the best feeling opening the envelope and squealing with joy!

ps. la roux is THE BEST.


little miss s. said...

hee how adorable you are!

(& I spy your rosary! might inspire me to put mine back on...)


jessica said...

oh, awesome !
& i remember some time ago you said something about someone saying you had drugged out eyes ? it's true ! and i mean that in the absolute best way possible, because i think you're gorgeous .
and the integration of gifs in your blog is great :]
it's definitely your thing now .

Elsa said...

your hair is so awesome, can't believe you cut it yourself!

Anonymous said...

Thats an awesome photo! Love your blog xx

joy said...

hah, you look so excited.

heleen db said...

ahhh, I love La Roux. And you look so cute!

kyra zoe said...

she'S my hero

Violet said...

the pics are so cute... i love the flippy picture

Vi from Cali

Anonymous said...

Tigerlily is a massive track. I'm obsessed with it.

Love your new hair, btw.

MICHELLE said...

wow, how can you do that !?
amanzing, carry on adore r' blog