"i read poems, sometimes. and the warning labels on my packet of cigarettes as i light up."

- elly jackson



Annie said...

I was watching this eighties sitcom. There was a male student with Elly Jackson hair. lol

Suz said...

She is so amazing.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of Kate Moross' La Roux shirts you are currently lusting after over there. I think I've worn it so much that the ink is starting to come off. ha!

jessica said...

larouxlarouxlarouuuuux ♥

Lauren Alexandra Smith said...

i see la roux in two weeks.
this post made me 10 times more excited/light up inside.
thank you : )

FashionLagniappe said...

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Anonymous said...

urgh she's so fucking pretentious and obxnoxious. dont get the hype/obsession at all. shes just a huge rip off of a bunch of stuff from the eighties.

bri. said...

wooow, anonymous, tell us how you really feel?

a. said...


i find it terribly hard to believe you've actually watched an interview with this girl because "fucking pretentious and obnoxious" is definitely NOT the vibe i get from her.

check out my post below, with all the videos, there's an interview with elly there & i think you might change your mind.

& to the rip off of the eighties comment, true yes, but it isn't so much a "rip off" as it is heavily influenced. & everyone is influenced by something, it just happens that musically, for elly & ben, it's the eighties. if you wanna talk about a complete rip off of the eighties - let's talk ladyhawke. not that i don't like her because i do.

& this comment is in no way to say that you aren't entitled to your own opinion about la roux/elly because you most definitely are. i'm just taking up for someone i happen to really really like.

Anonymous said...

Ah ha ‘a’ did you even read the title of this ~post~ ?? Ahhh yes lung cancer which can be contracted by smoking.. Being blasé about it means she’s sooo edgy and doesn’t give a fuck.
Its all so contrived and thought out, the ridiculous quiff, the attitude.. Everything and that’s why its so unappealing to me.

I have watched & read interviews with her, oh and she is far from charming imo, a moron even:

Q:What's your stance on the way that female musicians either choose to or are forced to use a sexuality that's essentially just designed to appeal to men?

"It's really patronising to women. I know that there's far more ways to be sexy than to dress in a miniskirt and a tank top. If you're a real woman you can turn someone on in a plastic bag just by looking at them. That's what a real woman is, when you've got the sex eyes. I think you attract a certain kind of man by dressing like that.

Women wonder why they get beaten up, or having relationships with arsehole men. Because you attracted one, you twat. It's a funny culture, it's definitely a funny culture. Those women are just insecure, but they'll turn round to me and say 'you're just jealous 'cos you want a tan and you want big boobs, stupid boy-looking girl'. You can't win, they wouldn't believe me for a second."

what, the fuck. i can understand you liking her music and style.. but as a 'charming' person? really? you got raped/beaten bc you dressed like a slut bullshit?

Obviously missing the point that women should be able to wear whatever they want without having to worry about being assaulted. Fuck, a woman could walk down the street NAKED - that doesn't mean she was asking for it or deserved it.

Meeh influence=ripping off in many ways imo and what she is doing just doesn’t excite me.. I just don’t think she’s talented, yet she has the arrogance she doesn’t fully deserve.

You are entitled to your opinion too of course! But I just don’t like la roux. At all. I like this blog, but the constant praise for her is irritating. she isnt anything to be inspired by.. because of her shitty attitude.

Z said...


Scarlett Rose said...

I agree i saw a interview with her....i think she may just be hourmering us.

Still think shes pretty arrogant though.


Anonymous said...

Well I loooooooooooooooooooooooove elly jackson! =))


B. said...

thank-you other anonymous! I agree a LOT. Just watched the itunes festival w/ her in it.. and.. she sucks live too. Very arrogant and unappealing, I cannot stand her voice! Her look is good, but tainted by HER, lol.

Anonymous said...

agree with all the above!!!! i cannot stand the girl or her 'music' la roux is a bit of a twat! at least a LOT of people in the uk think so. very telling there was no response to that interview quote.. she's hard to defend lol.

A. said...


elly isn't hard to defend because i completely agree & understand what's she's said. i ignored the comment because i don't want this all turning on me.

i just think the girl is, & mostly with the above quote, misunderstood. & its all underlined with her dark humour. making it more difficult to get.

she's like marmite - you love her or you hate her.

i love her & she will most definitely continue to pop up here on 10.17.

Anonymous said...

ok so women deserve and ASK to be raped? thats so defendable! ok, stick up for her, but the comments she made were disgusting and pretty inexcusable.

S said...

haha do you guys really think that she meant that women derserves and ask to be raped?! Honestly? You obviously didn't get her point... I think she meant that in todays society you can't go around in some areas dressed certain ways because there is alot of stupid assholes out there. It's sad, but it's the reality and you put yourself at big risk if you keep denying it.
And the insecure part she's talking about, that insecure women attract certain men, there is alot of truth in that actually. I've read some articles about that written of psycologist, and that is maybe something more need to think about, which men they go for usually and chance the pattern if necessary.

I can see though that some people think she comes off as pretty arrogant, some can often get that impression of brittish people because their humor is so dry and straightforward when they talk.
But don't be to fast in judging her, I say give her a chance and some time. I think she has potential!

A. said...


I EFFING LOVE YOU! thanks for putting it all into words. i could never seem to get the right formula.

cheers mate! xxxx

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