whatever, man.

this summer i'll be sporting orange nail varnish.


theskullset, f21


hrose said...

on my nails now, reminding me of summer (im missing it just a little). the only colour i could think of wearing would be a tiffany box blue a la alexa chung at the moment. it's the perfect peppermint green, although im having difficulty finding the right shade.

i love that first picture by the way. reminds me of my friend's house in brooklyn.


Anonymous said...

last summer my bright orange nail polish was all i wore for 2 months straight

Anonymous said...

orange is the best color for summer

Ore said...

i love that nail polish
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chantelle said...

orange is le sex *say that in a french accent*

[puff cigarette]

the maisies said...

a perfect summer shade

Anonymous said...

I'd rather use FUCSHIA nail varnish! suupeer cool! try it on! =D