party weirdos.

tuesday night while i was out for a presets show & losing a bit of my hearing in the process, across the pond at vanilla in soho london, for the launch of simon henwood's new book celebrating ten years of his art & films, was a crowd of fabulous party go-ers sipping on kiwi cocktails, munching on mini burgers & scallops to dj sets by none other than girlfriend of the artist herself - róisín murphy, & left carrying goodie bags filled with no. 7 makeup & a themed 'censorship is like racism' tee for the night.

where are my teleportation skills when i really need them?


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discothequechic said...

haa I was going to tell you about this last week and totally forgot!

and yumm kiwi cocktails sound so good.

love you xx

Anonymous said...
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chantelle said...


don'tsaynofashion said...

visit me

thimbles and gingham said...

the presets as in the presets and hearts on fire? they're from australia... like me! was there many people at the gig?

thimbles and gingham said...

no wait, i'm thinking cut copy. whoops. the presets as in... are you the one?. sorry. are they still wearing masks when they play?

a. said...

thimbles and gingham,

yes the are you the one & my favourite if i know you presets, hehe! nope no masks. the venue was quite small but it was nearly packed.

a fabulous [also australian] band opened for them called the golden filter. they were really really good. i was quite surprised.

it was a really great show, amazing lights, amazing sound - i literally didnt have my full hearing back until a day later.


DON'T SWEAT IT said...

Currently wishing I could swop places with Jodie Harsh.

a. said...


haha, same here, same here!


Amy Green. said...

i met roisin. she gave me a cigarette. she was very nice. and i got to pose for mr henwood himself :p

petit p said...

I have that Le Vieux Paris tee :')

a. said...

Amy Green,

ohmygod. i am so jealous.

ok, so i know this sounds totally silly & obsessive but that is my ultimate dream, to bum a fag over miss murphy herself. it just seems the most casual way to sneak in a little convo & confess my love to her...

& the fact that you posed for simon henwood, well, that makes me officaly envy you for life.

& wait we're friends on myspace too, no? we've been meaning to meet up for drinks for ages! i go by lovely head.


grace said...

whoa kiwi cocktails. why did i ever leave london?
and jodie harsh is fucking rad.. meet her if you can