do you remember the way we danced? i wish i could forget it.

en vogue
prénom, lauren
by knoepfel & indlekofer

found this this afternoon while flipping through paris vogue downtown,
i fell in love & had to repost it.
after all lauren hutton was one of my top menswear muses & im still feeling the vibe;
i wore my new grey trousers out today with brown loafers & clubmasters.



setyourselfonfire said...

Beautiful :)

Christing said...

love the look! so classic and effortless.

stephanie said...

this editorial is f a n t a s t i c.

btw- i hope you have better luck than i did trying to purchase that h&m necklace. At the h&m i went to here, they had the earrings, but no necklace. but in the end, it was for the best cause i found two others that i think suited me much better, after all.
But i think this one was made for you ;)


Tjejsajten said...

oh i loooove lauren hutton. so timeless.



Tjejsajten said...

she's such a babe. why is french vogue sooo much better than american?? and i can barely even speak french!

xo lana

ps. haha your verification word is "fockers"

Devonbella said...

love this:D great blog!

Jess said...

Beautiful pictures, so glad I stumbled across your blog.

lovelydisco said...

Thanks for reposting this!

- Lyndsay

tyler. said...

Did you read the Lauren Hutton interview in "Influence"?
Great stuff.

róisín said...

So gorgeous!! I want to dress like this every single day!

Hope your trips are amazing and adventure filled!!


jessica said...

ouh ouh yay ! i love those pages .
gorge .
& your outfit sounds perfectly annie hall on the edge .

cuteseas said...

ah! i love wearing mens clothes! i steal my boyfriends button ups all the time ;) teehee!

The Glossy Editor said...

lovely! can't get enough caramel coloured leather:)

Bianca and Isabella said...

gushh, so beauty full.

the crumpet girls

konshonchloe said...

me parece genial this blog, soo goodd, i love this out ist great!!

whiteblankpage said...

love this spread