This is a beautiful picture of me, my brother and my mum and dad outside our house in Ireland in 1976. My mother was amazing-looking; she was tall with really great legs. I think she looks the absolute spitting image of me now in this picture. I even recently had a blonde bowl-cut exactly the same as she has here. As a child she would dress me classically in velvet dresses, plaid and Arran jumpers. There was one green jumper in particular that I used to scream with tears whenever she tried to put it on me. That must have been my first fashion tantrum, aged six.

- róisín murphy talks to 'the independent' about her stylish life

i felt it obligatory of me to post this.



LANA said...

Like this photo, and you look very cute hihi!

And what a great song!

discothequechic said...

abby, for a moment I really thought this was a picture of you and deak and your parents. (except the fact he looks older than "you" didn't quite work)

anyhoww. it's marv all the same and I agree, R looks sosomuch like her mum!

I got your email by the way, but my hotmail is being a massive fucktard and not letting me scroll or sent, so I'll have to send a reply from a different one.

ooh and you must post your own family pic, this has surely inspired it.

much love my sweet!

call me glitter, little deer said...

what? you are middel 30? no way. o thought you are 18-24 but not 33-36.

btw the family portrait is totally pretty.

Ania said...

heh I thought it was your family's pic too, but something didn't quite add up ;P
and it's true Roisin looks exactly like her mom.

stephanie said...

I love how her brother accessorized his suit. lol! awesome.

Elizabeth said...

this is such a lovely photo
you lok so cute!

call me glitter, little deer said...

haha, right i was very confuset. but now i'm a bit cleaverer.

Tjejsajten said...

her brother is reaalllly cute... mind you the whole family's pretty nice looking.

Isa said...

haha, got it after reading the comments.
this is a lovely picture though. ;)


JuniJuli said...

it's a really sweet family!!

tyler. said...

hahaha I was about to say,

Roisin is fab.

WendyB said...

Awesome photo!

DON'T SWEAT IT said...

What a superbly written article with even more amazing content! Loved reading just about every word of it. I like that despite her love for fashion, she puts her love for music first, something I really admire. Thanks a ton for linking this!

Oh and yes please, if you do find out anything about those Simon Henwood/Roisin shirts, do let me know, dear.


DON'T SWEAT IT said...

Oh, and Roisin looks just like her mama.

me melodia said...

Fantastic photo.
What a keepsake.

Paperface said...

This is a hilarious family picture. You guys look perfect.

Linh said...

What a fantastic family portrait. I love your mum's haircut!