saturdays = youth.

i'm spending today locked indoors with the radiator turn on high & the shutters open to bask my room in as much warmth & sunlight as possible. i'll don my own striped frock, floral knickers, bare legs & wooly socks to stay extra warm while revarnishing my nails a bright coral & lounging atop fluffy white sheets reading through the three expensive foreign glossies i got my hands on yesterday.

what will you do?

happy saturday.



Ginnifer said...

I love these pictures especially the one where shes looking grumpy on the couch in a striped shirt.

I'm spenind my saturday snuggled in a blanket eating swedish cookies warming myself up after just coming back from a walk on the beach. Yes, i like going to the beach in the winter, i'm strange.

Fleurr De Lux said...

i will spend my whole day working ... too bad.
your day sounds much nicer than mine!

alixrose said...

I love these pictures, especially the one with the remote..that's so me!
Your day sounds like the perfect Saturday.

I have a lot of Saturday dreams but it looks like I have to step into the real world. Darn!

belle.chantelle said...

I'm studying for a midterm.
At least it's about the stars! Literally..

little miss s. said...

ee, your saturday sounds divine! I'll be varnishing my nails & gazing at some expensive glossies as well [with windows open since the weather is beautiful here] hehe I think I'll just copy your whole day ;]

love you

Antonia Jane said...

lucky you.
currently in australia (melbourne) we've been experiencing 46 degree heat (celcius).
i love m83 and your photos btw

Anna Shapiro said...

Sounds like a lovely day,
i need to try it sometime.
those photos are gorgeous.

I really like your blog, would you want to trade links?

Alice X said...

gorrgeous polaroids! :)

Charm said...

watching movies and attempting to catch on sleep (plus whatever other shenanigans come my way):-)

sarah said...

love these pics x

zoƫ said...

sounds like the perfect day .
belgium and luxembourg sounds & look fab .

Mila said...

Hi gorgeous! :)

How are you doing?

What an absolutely wonderful post...
I didn't knew the website, i am going to take a look right away!

Hope you're fine, dear!


setyourselfonfire said...

Oh my soul i don't know how i have never found your blog before! It is amazing!!! I am going to add you to my links, hope that's ok?

Oh and to answer you.. today i am relaxing indoors, making our house tidy and decorating the bedroom with pretty pillowslips and art. Then tonight it's off to a friends for a baking and crafts night.


jessica said...

that day sounds absolutely perfect .
mine is almost over, as it's 1159pm, right now .
but i'll be watching virgin suicides soon enough , a celluloid inspiration .

+ m83 & permanent vacation = ♥


Christing said...

so pretty! i love floral undergarments!

erikas said...

Sounds like you had a great day:) I really like your blog! Do you wanna exchange tags? :D

Stephanie said...

I love the pictures.