you only wanna be in a garage band.

plastique #3 : shot by chadwick tyler : tfs


currently obsessing over live clips of : live 01 live 02 / listening to : indigo : moloko


Jess. said...

I love the first and third photos!
They are so playful and mysterious.

I hope you are well, dear.
It's been a very long time since I've checked in!


xs said...

what a cool editorial.

discothequechic said...

some really cool pics, i'm a bit of a sucker photos with balloons in..

though i'm really finding myself going off the alex wang, grunge look. shock horror! it just feels like i've been seeing pictures of ripped clothes on blogs for too long, ha.

i think i need to do a post about it, because i think the irony is that fashion bloggers come up with trends way before they hit the shops, and now this look is just coming in for SS09 I'm sick of it! I'm just craving some old school calvin klein simplicity and long hemlines.

Having said that, the leather stud jacket looks cute in this context.

love xxx

Twiggy Mod said...

Ahhh what great pictures xxx

Leesh said...

oh my gosh! discotequechic person- i totallllyyy agree with you. just yesterday i was thinking about how bored i am getting with the grunge look. i mean, I LOVE IT, but i want something fresh and new. i hate dressing like the mass and it's starting to become so popular.
regardless, 10.17, i loove that jacket as well. those pictures are awesome!

Fleurr De Lux said...

discoteque, you read my mind!! (although i do adore these photos, a, as with everything you post!!)

i just did a post about how i suddenly overnight want to dress so feminine (i think i actually cited you about the miss dior cherie commercial. . . maybe?)

fashion-blog-land is a fickle world!

Although these beautiful grunge-y photos might make me eat my words!!

xoxoxo L

PS. I visit 1017 about a million times a day just to hear the music. your itunes could eat my itunes for breakkie.

jessica said...

love the first two photos, absolutely .


Zoë said...

such lovely inspirational photos.


róisín said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and I love it!

jessica said...

i know i already commented, buuut i figured you're way cool enough to deserve another :]

is it a really big creeper thing that i love photos of girls in underwear ? i don't like it in a sexual way, but i think it's the intrigue of the fact that it's something that should be covered up, yet it is exposed for all to see in a i-dont-give-a-fuck sort of way .
maaaybe im crazy .


Anonymous said...
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a. said...

ha, no not at all jess! i get what youre saying exactly.

& you know the 'naked' section thats always in purple?

i completely swoon over them, i have no idea what it is.

i think that definitely makes me creepier/crazier than you...


Moded'amour said...

love these photographs soo much.

Ironi Iris said...

nice photo..

TheMinx said...

such an amazing editorial, I love every single picture.