a pilgrim dress & a leather jacket.

late night internet browsing can often lead to the finding of fabulous things.
like this video where they chat with the ever inspiring
jen brill & vanessa traina about what else - their style.



Tyler said...

I have the app for my phone and it's nice to get all the shows from fashion weeks all over the world like the minute after they happen.
It's useful while getting ready in the morning haha

him said...

yeah words outsmart body talk

jessica said...

wow i love these !!
manly cause jen brill is killer, and vanessa traina is simply amazing .
then again, why else would i love these ?


Leesh said...

i just reallly love the collar on her fur jacket. they are so huge and fall into place so nicely. wonderful pictures!

discothequechic said...

jen brill
jen brill

you're so fucking ill.

she's my favourite after (and creeping up!) chloe. i feel all protective like i don't want to share her. is that bad? hee.

love xxxxx

Alice X said...

who is jen brill? does she work for a magazine or anything of the sort? sorry if i sound stupid:) Love victoria's style, the jacket she's wearing iskillerrr

a. said...

alice x,

jen brill is a photo agent with fred & associates. & is also the stylish girlfriend of photographer terry richardson.


Knight Cat said...

she is really really cool, i love her hair

Fleurr De Lux said...

jen brill might have the world's best hair.


Liana said...

Wonderful pictures of these leather stuff like jackets, shoes and handbags...