an icebox cold room warmed only by a dusty radiator.

monday, 3:59am

endless cups of blueberry tea, online purchasing of apartamento, downloading new tracks, making new playlists, writing shopping lists, missing friends, missed calls, 11,000 clicks,
a cigarette, the bell jar, & pointless posting to make up for lost time.



him said...

what happened to the tumble dryer ;)

Anonymous said...

your post makes me smile. in a tingling kind of way.

it seems you have a very inspirational visual angle. it is nice.

Leesh said...

i love the way you write. love reading your blog :)

jessica said...

sounds 34895798576894x better than school .


Style Magnet; Sara said...

Ever since my parents got on board with the idea of getting my own apartment next year, I've been obsessed with interior design. That book looks wonderful!

a. said...


you should definitely buy it, from what ive seen its absolutely amazing;

ill be doing a more in depth post about it soon. so look out for that!