11,000 clicks.

im out the entire weekend with mates running from vintage shop, to coffee shop, to record shop, stopping only to spend endless hours sat on an ikea couch chatting about alison goldfrapp & general bloody nonsense. yet i can't believe how im still awake after only sleeping from the wee hours of the morning up until a little before noon. but, alas, here i am still up at 4am importing all the moloko albums ive just got my hands on, watching 11,000 clicks for the 11,000th time, all while simultaneously posting this blog, screencaping clips &
eating a carrot cupcake.

you're mixing with felons man, pull out the stops.



agreablement said...

interesting blog, complimenti

July Stars said...

Got my copy thanks to you! Love, love, love forever

Anonymous said...

i don't mean to sound creepy, but if the first picture is your room, and the coffee table with V Magazine are in your room, i really admire the nonchalant style of interior arrangements. i never thought neatly stacked magazines could looks so chic.

also, i've been reading your blog for a while and it's always so lovely!
( i am a big big Roisin and Alison fan alos...but am yet to find many people that share my passion :P )

anyway, thanls for having a great blog!

belle.chantelle said...

haha niiice recap of your day

claire said...

i love the roisin picture on your sidebar. that jacket!

y-s x

discothequechic said...

oh, how do you do screencaps? i spent way too long on a forum the other day trying to find the answer!

love you lots

softlad said...

That pic of Róisín sticking her head up behind the keyboard is class. Keep it up your end!

little miss s. said...

I love this post darling, I really do. your night sounded positively divine, though knowing you & your mad mates, I assumed as much ;]


little miss s. said...

ps: that cupcake looks delicious! hehe

tyler. said...

I love you =]

a. said...


thanks for your lovely compliments about my room.

& if you ever feel like chatting about roisin & alison over hundreds of emails - im your girl.

mail me sometime.

love, A.

Thuva-Lisa said...

the last one really looks like poo, but still tasty

Sakib said...

Aw those pics are sooo cute! And that carrot cake looks too delish!

Anonymous said...