two thousand and eight : the after party.

i knew i wanted to make my last post of 2008 a special one.
after all this year has been one of the most fabulous;
my first visit to nyc in march which turned into four total trips over the entire year.
the chance to mingle with models during fashion week,
alison goldfrapp at radio city & roisin murphy in a chelsea club.
but i think the thing to top it all off are the amazing friends ive met & made this year.
heres to those lovely new mates & to the old ones ive gotten to know that much more.

so rather than the typical new years eve party mix,
ive decided to instead make pour toi a sortof after party mix.

a mix for the hazed cab ride home under starry skies & fluorescent city lights.
for falling asleep in your makeup, wearing only lace tights,
knickers & flea market found jewellery.
for mimosas made the next morning with leftover bits of champagne.
for making an insanely unhealthy & sweet waffle breakfast.
for staying in bed all day with purple magazine & old ingrid bergman films.
and for nursing that nasty unglamorous erm hangover.

click here to download as little or as much as you like.
included are some of my favourite current tracks like the movie star remix im constantly listening to & my new favourite moloko remix of the flipside, my favourite goldfrapp remix ever, a favourite jazz tune, two gorgeous tracks from a favourite danish band of mine trentemøller & a song from my new favourite album ruby blue.

enjoy, darlings & cheers to an even more fabulous 2009.

loads of love, A.


Stephanie said...

I love this post!
Thanks for the mix ;-)

Happy nye!

Anonymous said...

aw, love this post. the description and images evoked are lovely! Have a great night! :)

emsie said...

happy new year : )
thank you for the mix!


little miss s. said...

eee! yay! hehe I'm downloading the mix now, what a fabulous little new years pressie ;]

prefect, perfect last post of 2008 my darling.

love you!


Anonymous said...

happy new yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar!!!!!!!! xox!

jessica said...

ohoh je pense que je suis un peu très drunk en ce moment .

happy new years ?
mine fucking sucked .
pardon my french, but it did.


Grace said...

Great blog, I love the intro under 'my profile' when you are introducing yourself...

JuniJuli said...

great blo. happy new year 2009!

Thu said...

great idea for a mix. will definitely download. hope you had a good night!

Fleurr De Lux said...

thaaaaaaaank you for this. i'm drinking lots of tea and listening to this playlist at a really really low volume.

haha! hope you had a good night!!

xo L

Anonymous said...

love the songs downloaded them all..happy new year!!
come for a visit

hrose said...

what a lovely post, i have lovely little images in my head now of some fabulous girl ambling slightly absent-mindedly through her house with a saucer of champagne while listening to this mix.

happy new year!


ps. goldfrapp came on my itunes when i started writing this comment... coincidence? i think not.

claire said...

wickedwickedwicked, i love you y-s x

Miu Miu Doll said...

happy new year darling.
wishing you lots of love for 2009!
xoxo Laura

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mix!

Love from an anonomyous lurker from Australia!

Anonymous said...

Lovely post :) The music mix is very fitting for that day-after-night-before mood, although I think that Trentemöller is a danish dj, not a swedish band. Correct me if I'm wrong =)