i was dressed head to toe vintage.

my lace blouse ala róisín murphy ala the prada fall 08 rtw collection.

id lusted for one ever since seeing this interview & had planned my weekends entirely around the search for an exact replica in every vintage, second hand & charity shop in town until it was found at the most unlikely of places while out browsing for mum a christmas present.

& this isnt the first time something like this has happened.

paired with an aa bandage mini, bowler hat found in the drama closet at school,
my favourite ripped tights & uo lace up jazz shoes

love, A.


.Eliza Alice. said...

Really nice outfit. :)

Fleurr De Lux said...

I LOVE the blouse and the outfit.. it's perfect. I think my favourite things were found in the strangest places.. and definitely when I wasn't looking for them!!
Now just find a microphone, do an interview and you're set.

Anonymous said...

its honestly really pathetic how you care to idolize other people so much that all you do is copy them (which I have seen past this post alone) and start to lose your own personality - which seems as a fake over-the-top, pompous loser.

Knight Cat said...

so amazing! you kinda resemble her too! :) and yeah air france is amazing!


little miss s. said...
you are SO fabulous!
second only to the perfect miss murphy ;]

& aah, you know your blog is nearing extreme popularity when you've got ridiculous [and very obviously jealous] anonymous rantings.

love you!!!

stylemagnet said...

Haters can keep hatin', but there is no denying that your blog is FAN-TABULOUS! I love how cohesive your blog is ... it's not all over the place, which is why I think it's so popular! I love, love, love your entries & admire your blog a lot.

♥ Sara

nikkimoose. said...

looking better then ever!

Fleurr De Lux said...

fantastic hat!! you look pompously wonderful!! haha just kidding, darling i think the blouse is perfect. you and roisin's beautiful minds think alike!
xo L

hrose said...

wow you look ultra fab!
god, the word ultra is a bit naff isn't it? but still... you look very fab. :D i love the hat and the lace, wish i could see more of the outfit! like your fabulous shoes.

i may have to do an outfit post soon, i'm thinking of doing a little alexa chung emulating tomorrow at my friend's farewell party.

hope you are well! you look lovely.

discothequechic said...

i wasn't expecting it to be so identical!

i'm texting you now to express my excitement, haa.

love xxxx

belle.chantelle said...

fantastic look darling, I love hwo you paired it with the AA skirt.

Sunniva said...

Oh my, you're so fabulous, dear!! At first I couldn't tell who's you and who's Róisín. You could be twins!

And I have to say that I loved your comment so much! I keep dreaming up scenarios like that all the time. Dreaming of how fabulous life could be if we met those amazing people we admire so much. Running away with them, being their best friends, going to parties together etc. A bit disturbed? Moi? A lot haha! But it's nice to know I'm not alone ;p And I find it's better to be a dreamer, it makes life more fun, and you never know..dreams can come true! ;)

Gosh, I'm just ranting on here! But I really want to say again that I love these photos of you. You seem just as wonderful as Róisín!

Lots of love xxxxx

stylemagnet said...

I'm glad you found some comfort in my words! I'm a little leery of the fact that I'm gaining more commenters because I know with more readers comes the chance to encounter someone who doesn't like you. It's inevitable, but I think seeing a lot of girls I admire brush over the harsh comments & continue blogging gives me the confidence that I can do it too!

♥ Sara

Tonia said...

OMG, I fucking love it! Oh, how I miss going vintage shopping =( The whole combination is just perfect, and ripped tights are <3

Aaron B. said...

i assumer you're referring to the time you were in DSW and found those much loved oxfords.......anyway, bravo.