and champagne dreams.

just a few things im hoping to find under the tree wrapped up in sliver paper & scarlet ribbons;

moloko 11, 000 clicks dvd, diptyque mimosa candle, mac eyeshadow in carbon, influence, paris vogue pinup calendar, kate moss perfume, sonic youth tee, subscription to V & paper, skull ring



hrose said...

great choices. that candle looks divine.
i hope you get everything that you want and more!
merry christmas, your blog is just lovely.

urbnfairytale said...

awesome stuff!
i asked for the mk and ashley book too, and I believe I've spotted it under the tree.
Hope you have a merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Where do I get one of those Paris Vogue calendars!?!?!?!?!?!

myra said...

Have a great Christmas!

Ugh and I'm dying for the Vogue Paris calendar too. So kinky cute.

little miss s. said...

silver paper & scarlett ribbons ;] I just adore you.
(so excited about the paper sub!)

ps: you didn't get the sonic youth tee did you? that darn deak! hehe


Sarah Von said...

That skull ring is fantastic!

Noemi Rochelle D said...

I did get the Influence book its a good good coffee your blogg!

mae said...

is 'influence' worth the buy? i've seen it but still unsure whether to purchase it or not!

a. said...


BUY IT! it is amazing. the bit on marykate & ashley themselves has to be the best with little chicly done collages of their favourite things.

let me know how you like it!

love, A.