your lovely head, your lovely head.

just a few things that have been mulling about in my head lately because im feeling terribly uninspired with the blog as of late;

• what to wear to the urban outfitters holiday job fair on wednesday + making a resume
• how lovely it will be to work at urban during christmas time & to save up money for my next trip to nyc
• the surely unhealthy amount of roisin my eyes & ears have been exposed to this past week
• see here & here & here
• my nails have certainly passed the cool chipped phase & now need a desperate new coat of 'you dont know jacques'
• the cooling weather has got me wanting to read more books; im starting off with 'the beautiful fall' & this time i promise to actually finish it
• the chic yet horrible allure of cigarettes & the girls who smoke them
• how little ive chatted to mates lately - its got me quite sad
• what to write in that email to roisin's management
• decorating & sending off that little package to my best girlfriend from the states
• the increasing stack of expensive magazines i still need to flip through & read
• i have decided to grow out my fringe
• & lately have been addicted to eating scoops of strawberry ice cream with bits of dark chocolate out of my new pink antique glasses
• just how perfect it is to lounge around on a rainy day with no classes to my newest favourite song



hrose said...

this post has reminded me of a few things... firstly, that i need to get a job. i finish my exams tomorrow (AH!) and that means i should own up to some responsibility... i'm thinking of a job at this tea shop, seeing as i love tea, and know a bit about it. either that or a bookstore. in regards to what to wear, i always get worked up by that sort of stuff. you want to look like you respect and could represent the company well, but not in an over-trendy cliched way. difficult, difficult...

secondly, that i need to paint my nails again. thirdly that i need to cut my fringe (i'm keeping mine :D). and i feel exactly the same way about cigarettes. so bad for you, and both my parents are doctors so i know the medical issues almost like the back of my hand, but it is so glamorous in an alluring way.

and that ice cream out of antique glasses sounds lovely! so yummy... think i will have ice cream for desert now. :D


ps. i linked you, can't remember if i wrote that in my last comment or not.

Electro Geisha said...

oh, i`m not the only unemployed in the world!!! :D
i like the green-red combo outfit :)

Darling said...

I like your writing, all the way from Sweden...

SICK. said...

'the chic yet horrible allure of cigarettes & the girls who smoke them'

tell me about it !
& i'm only fifteen.

and about the nail polsih predicament... i haven't worn nail polish in a while, because i hate chipped nails and i've been biting mine lately.


Luxe. said...

Yeah why does smoking have to look so good?! Also my nails are looking pretty haggard too!

Fleurr De Lux said...

1. Good luck growing out your fringe. Get yourself a serious supply of hair-pins, I grew mine out over the summer. Hair in the face sucks.
2. Retail at Christmas is a special kind of hell (I worked a boxing day sale at americal apparel... yuuuck) but the clothing discount at urban would make it completely worthwhile!!
3. what are you writing to roisin's management for?? tell us tell us!
excellent post as usual.
x L