a little girls dream.

after all this talk of the selby & of room posts, i thought i would add that i too very much enjoy a sneaky peak at someones things; into their bedrooms, their living rooms, in their closets & handbags, etc. what is it about it that we love so much?

and, how absolutely fabulous would it be if we could take a glance into the person's things that we love & admire the most?!

just imagine my excitement when i, quite perfectly, stumbled across these snaps of alison goldfrapp's dressing room tonight - i literally jumped up & down & squealed for five minutes.

& not surprisingly, our makeup bags seem to be filled with many of the same things;
loads of nars, mac & chanel. sigh.

i thought 10.17 needed another good dose of my beloved frapp.
itd been a bit too long.


love, A.

currently listening : winter wonderland : goldfrapp


Fleurr De Lux said...

it's so good to see alison gracing your blog again!! i'd die for that wardrobe.

Hannah. said...

I was beginning to worry that Roisin had replaced Alison.

withasianstereotypes said...

Ah, so refreshing to be able to view Allison on here again. I adore your sweet penchant for goldfrapp

Laura said...

Abby! great pics my darlin' good find... uhhh, thats also all the make up i wear. excellent to see! Laura xxx

autumn's darkroom said...

Yes, stumbling upon Allison's gear would BE gear!

SICK. said...

ahhh her maaakeup ♥


hrose said...

those tops/dresses are just lovely, especially the ribbon poncho. how amazing.
i love having a little look at your fav's make up box/bag.
like alexa chung and me use exactly the same eyeliner and mascara, and i do the catflick like her too.
and me and sofia coppola use the same foundation.
how funny is it!
alison certainly has lovely taste in make up.
chanel and nars are my favs too.

and thankYOU for your sweet comments my dear.
i just got back from a trip, and it was so lovely to read your thoughts. ... and yes, my posts on the alexa chung thread are very easily recognised. they usually feature the words 'chanel' and 'lust' or alex turner' and 'lust'. hahaha.
your blog is just excellent.
hope you had a great weekend!

discothequechic said...

gasssp, i actually thought this was YOUR room for a moment, with your alison inspired costumes!


i'm sitting in an interenet cafe in london at the moment, bought you a little something whicch i'll hopefully post this week.

hope your thanksgiving weekend was lovely.

love you! xxxx

Fleurr De Lux said...

I wish we had those harlequin outfits for Halloween!!! Great photos, I always love a good dose of Goldfrapp from the expert! xoxo L

Fleurr De Lux said...

PS Check our latest post! I made a little collage you might enjoy.
xo L

nikkimoose. said...

incredible x

Aaron B. said...

quite the treat, getting a look at alison's makeup table. i can honeslty say i have every product on that table and i don't even have to know the shade names as i have basically every product from every one of the lines on that table. even the mimosa candle from diptyque (which smells absolutely divine!)i'm a little surprised by the absence of YSL touche eclat. i thought every woman (and plenty of men) in the know had that in her arsenal. anyway, what i wouldn't give to do her makeup.