i love to go shopping in the meatpacking district, love to go to duane reade to buy loads of cheap cosmetics i cant get in the uk.

lazy monday.
what i wore lounging around the house;
writing postcards & dreaming of buying this.

clean hair, no makeup, ripped tights, oversized lapis blue aa sweatshirt,
vintage doc martins & wooly socks

love, A.


Electro Geisha said...

well i do understand the need for cheap cosmetics, especially if you live in London. here,in Zagreb everything is quite expensive, but you can get lucky with some stuff. when i was in London i was surprised with prices, although i knew that they were spicy! dream outfit looks good :)

hrose said...

you look great! love the tights and the boots.
my hair looks exactly like yours at the moment, i'm growing it out, i'm sick of short hair.. but i'm unsure about my fringe. i see in your earlier post you're growing it out. i think i will too.
time for a change, right?!

Rosanna said...

i love the ripped tights!!!! your blog is great!!!

Knight Cat said...

i love doc martens,thats all i have been wearing lately! and have you seen these?




The Chiconomist Celine said...

I know what you mean, I live in NY but I once walked out of Duane Reade with $80 worth of cosmetics (A LOT for Duane Reade) completely shell-shocked. Try Bed, Bath & Beyond too next time you're here, they have looooads of stuff for cheapo.

Alejandra Huertas said...

love your blog and your photos!

SICK. said...

love the outfit, and i wish i didn't have school yesterday. you had a monday off , you lucky .
at least i don't have school thursday or friiiidaaaay.
yes !


goldieoldiecharms said...

very casucal cool! love the ripped tights!

Fleurr De Lux said...

vintage docs. perfection. lovely as per usual!!

July Stars said...

Is my postcard in the post? xoxo

Anonymous said...

i love the tights and dcs! everytime i wear ripped time someone at work always informs me "theres a run in your tights" :(
you look lovely:)

lisa said...

cute photos...xoxo from las vegas

miky said...

i seriously ike this blog... i'm ading you to my dily read!