hotel grace nyc.

just a few of the many reasons why this is where i, along with a best mate, will be staying for our next trip to the city;

theres a mezzanine-level pool with an under-water sound system that sits centre-stage behind a glass wall in the lobby • djs spin every night until 3 • a 24-hour kiosk in the lobby houses such necessities as french vogue, your favourite pack of cigarettes & anything else needed to keep the mini bar in your room chicly stocked • its decor is fabulously minimal & modern • each room has big enough windows perfect to keep undraped for the city lights • the beds lay low to the ground on leather platforms - a look i just love • you can have an in room massage any time of the night • its in the center of midtown

oh, & it was also the hotel of choice for roisin murphy, who stayed here the last time she was in town for a certain show at mansion i attended last month.

as if that alone wasnt enough...




wakawaka said...

a, thank you very much for introducing me to roisin murphy. i haven't heard of her before until you featured her on your blog. i now have found my new favourite singer.

a. said...

oh you are so welcome, wakawaka!

its what im here for, no? hehe. she is so cool.

if theres anything specific about her you might want me to blog about - just ask. i would be more than happy to do more roisin posts.

also i recommend you check out goldfrapp. they are my absolute favouritefavourite.

kisses! xx A.

Marina said...

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DON'T SWEAT IT said...

Wow-ee. That place looks incredibly chic. I'm in Brooklyn but wouldn't mind spending a few nights there just for the heck of it.

Amanda said...

yeah it's a cool hotel...nice design/accomadations for a good price. i live in nyc so i've hung out there in the pool for friend's parties there and seen the rooms. they are tiny but designed cool and you are right off timesquare if you are visiting and want to be near all that.

Sunniva said...

oo yes we should definitely arrange a little borrowing session hehe ;)

that hotel looks amazing. you should definitely go there, and you should do it next time Roisin Murphy goes so you can "casually" bump into her in the hallway. you'll become friends and you can travel all around the world with her. haha a little carried away here..but it could happen ;)

have a lovely sunday evening xxxx

little miss s. said...

ohmygoodness, I completely forgot to check it out (!) and it is so, so perfect :D

eee, I'm positively squealing with excited hehe


Annie said...

I am going there one day. I love hotels with pools. It's practically my raison d'etre. seriously. thwey rock my freaking world, and that looks pretty damn "spesh"!

SICK. said...

i need to go there.

in other lanphear news !!
peter miszuk scanning some of kate's stuff .
"Take an up close peek into her bag and a look at her lux jewelry and incredible Louis Vuitton heels."


hrose said...

what an incredibly fabulous hotel.
as soon as i read a 24 hour kiosk stocking french vogue and cigarettes i think i was in... or was it the under water sound system, or the djs until 3 every night, or.... wow. the whole thing just sounds marvellous.

Tyler said...

I stayed there when it was QT.
You'll enjoy it!

beccajanie said...

it looks so cool and modern! amazing

Thu said...

ohmygosh, that is magnificent. i'm sure you'll have a blast on your trip!

Chloe's Chic Conception said...

That hotel is amazing!! I want to stay there!

Sunshine said...

I love this hotel!
I djed there last march, in the swimming pool, it was amazing!
great blog!