wishes & wants.

these are only a few of my birthday wishes & wants.

im also wishing/wanting;

american apparel triblend tank , sheer tights & striped frock
urban outfitters wallpaper floral tights
pieces from h&m's sheer collection
& new topshop jeans

whens my birthday you ask? well 10.17, naturally.



discothequechic said...

oh, what a lovely selection.
funnily enough I was going to ask you via the next email if you have the lykke li album so I wanted to scab a few tracks!

oh, to nab a givenchy bag for a birthday..

lots of love,

grenadine said...

And guess when my birthday is hon?

I hope you have a good one. I'm having one of my first bday parties tomorrow.

Female Action Star said...

Hey!!!! I digg ur blog to the max. Always checkin for updates and I kno ur always lookin for some cool new blogs to check out. So check out mine... Its Enjoy!! Let me know what u think of my "poems"

Chloe's Chic Conception said...

ohhhhh, I love this little collection of things :) I just bought those uo tights and they're awesome! I love coming to your blog and finding out more things that I need in my closet :)

the tea drinking english rose said...

i wish for your wishes too!!
floral wallpaper tights... floral wallpaper too actually.
pretty underwear. new make up.

ooh... birthday isn't so far away.

Knight Cat said...

i want everything you want! and i am sooo sending you something...check your mail box soon loveeer


Tinsley said...

what a perfect list. everything you want i desperately want as well
ohhh the givenchy bag. as soon as i have enough money im splurging.

what are you planning to do? more goldfrapp concerts ;)

Hannah. said...

Those tights are lovely.

The Glossy Editor said...

sharing your addiction to that opi particular shade of grey... can't get enough!

(: said...

Those tights are cute(:

Anonymous said...

where are the glasses from?
and the hat? please answer, love

Anonymous said...

opi nail varnish is loooovely, but have you ever tried "essie".. seriously the colours are amazing and the names of them are so adorable and kitsch.

Anonymous said...

I Wish You Answered These Comments More.. In Another Post I left A link with a tonn of Alexa pics.. and no response! :(

a. said...

anonymous with fab alexa photos - your comment has been answered :]

& to the other anonymous reader - i will be sure to add in where everything is from. check back soon!

& yes i have tried essie! im wearing some now - 'hard to get' ;]

SICK. said...

happy upcoming birthday :]
five days ..
oh and i bought the nightmoth lip pencil, it's real dark, kind of odd on me what with my braces and all.
but i like, nevertheless.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for responding.. i didnt want to sound too pushy or anything ha, but I didnt know whether you had seen the comment or not! I think you should go for the vanity case as a bag btw, it would look so cute.

beccajanie said...

Great selection! I love the shoes!