ten seventeen.

today est mon anniversaire,
celebrated throughout the entire weekend starting tonight with drinks & dinner at my favourite little place downtown followed by a petite soirée complete with champagne & cake.
saturday ill spend surrounded by hoards of lovely presents & completing the very important task of outfit picking/packing for my new york city trip next weekend.
sunday its yet another roadtrip. this time up to dc for shopping, brunch & the lykke li show.

many, many photos will come soon...they are long overdue, arent they?


love, A.

a big ta goes to stevie for her unbelievably sweet birthday post made especially for me!
kisses, darling!

currently listening : to as much goldfrapp as my ears can handle.


goldieoldiecharms said...

happy birthday!!! have a good one and take time in picking those outfits! hahah

sarah said...

happy birthday!

hrose said...

happy birthday! i hope you have a great weekend, it sounds like you will, what you have planned sounds lovely.

discothequechic said...

ha we both chose pictures of sevigny's birthday celebrations!

happy birthday, and speak soon.


July Stars said...


Margot said...

happy happy bdau dear (:

wishing you all the best (presents) :P

fritha louise said...

ooh happy birthday!
hope you have a marvellous day!

Fleurr De Lux said...

happy birthday!!! sounds like you've got quite the weekend planned.. lucky.
and that css remix is so good!

Chloe's Chic Conception said...

Happy birthday!!! Sounds like it's going to be a good one :)


The Stiletto Effect said...

have lots of fun :D

little miss s. said...

happy birthday [again] my love!! I'm so fabulously happy to have you as my most deer friend :D

love you!

Tinsley said...

happy birthday to you!
happy birthday to you!
happy birthday deaaaarrrr abbyyyyyyy
happy birthday to you!!!!!

have the loveliest of loveliest days! you deserve the best birthday ever. to the nicest blogger and person, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Tinsley said...


you have the same birthday as my dads!

Knight Cat said...

happy birthday love! i hope you have a lot of fun!

did you get my package yet???


Emily said...

happy birthday! keep up the great work :)

Anonymous said...

Happy bday gorgeous girl! i loove your blog- hope to see more pics soon, love your look :) xx

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!! Have a great weekend, friday is the best day to celebrate! X

beccajanie said...

Happy birthday - a little late!

alex hannah said...

happy birthday!!

Fleurr De Lux said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Tjejsajten loves Abby the mostest!!!
Have an amazing day and please please please enjoy the Lykke Li Show. If only because you know we're trying not to hate you for going. . . ;)
Make a good wish!
xoxo M&L

Anonymous said...

happy b-day for yesterday! :)

Anonymous said...

hope you had a good day!!!!

Mila said...

Happy Birthday, dear!
I am really hoping you have the most wonderful day.
You look amazing, loving the corset thing with the flowers(?) on it!



Lisa said...

happy birthday girl!

ahhh how did i just find your blog now.

i love it to the fullest.

i hope you had a fabulous weekend.


did you want to exchange links ?

Elle said...

Happy birthday, babes!

OMG, do you know that I know 6 people who have birthdays on 15,16,17 & 18 of Oct? Why is everyone born around this time?!?! Lol.

Marilynn said...

Hope you have a wonderful day.
Those cupcakes look delicious.

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La Fée said...

Happy Birthday! And those cupcakes look quite divine :)

Anonymous said...

hope you had a wonnnnnderful day darling!! cannot wait to see pictures :] xo.

Anonymous said...

hope you had a really lovely day pretty girl! and got all the gifts you wanted. :) xoxo.

Jess. said...

happy birthday, dear!
What will you be doing here in new york? If you find yourself near washington square park, look me up!

hope you're birthday is wonderful!

Aisha said...

congrats! You've got a lovely site here (; keep up the great work!

Luxe. said...

Aww Happy Birthday!!.x.

Fleurr De Lux said...

Haha your comment just made me laugh so hard! I can't believe you stole Lykke's water bottle that's amazing!
Soooo jealous you went to her show!
PS. You might die when you see my Halloween costume if crafting it goes off without a hitch. Hint** it's Goldfrapp inspired.

Lady_V said...

Happy Birthday! And wow I'm incredibly envious of that floral top you (or someone else?) is sporting in that pic.

Anonymous said...

nice Skullset grab...

Annie said...