studded like la lanphear.

bangles f21; watch i forgot i had; ring present from stevie

my latest obsession? loads & loads of tough yet chic arm candy.
so, naturally ive fallen in love with my new lanphear-esque studded bangles.
(in which i squealed, quite loudly, upon seeing them - "ohmygossh! these look like kates!")
i like to think of them as a smaller version of the one she wore above during fashion week.
soon my wrists will be as fabulous as hers.
only kate.




discothequechic said...

oh my, i actually thought that second picture was her.

until i went, "hey, that ring looks familiar.."


Fleurr De Lux said...

LOVE the jewels. And love Kate. She makes me want to cut all my hair off and never wear colour again!

knight-cat said...

i love the way you did it too! shes has the best bracelets...amazing woman..

i love the song on your page.i loveee it


Anonymous said...

Hot! Super hot!

Anonymous said...

love it!

Fashion Is Poison said...

the bangles are amazing! and i love the watch. hmmm! where the hell have i been that i just discovered your amazing blog??!