look rich, talking cheap.

im not going to lie, after seeing three of my favourite blogettes (new word perhaps?) - stevie, tinsley & rumi - showcase what amazing things could come out of a certain diy project i am absolutely convinced to give it a go myself.

so friday, during what will be a lovely day of celebrations, in which i am taking the entire day off to lounge about, an old pair of leggings ive got laying around will get a much needed slashing into an anja inspired makeover.

i should try & snap a few photos, yeah?

cant wait.

love, A.


nv said...

they look so cool but i'll be honest, i wouldn't try them cause i don't think my chubby legs could pull them off haha

discothequechic said...

yeah, this one is taking off!
it really is amazing how much influence the bloggers (blogettes) have.

I actually can't remember which rtacks they were, I was listening on youtube. I think one was actually your favourite.. something about melodies? sorryy! he. I liked it until she started talking.. that's kind of ironic, non?


beccajanie said...

these leggings are amazing - but a DIY could be a good other option - there have been some good results on other blogs I agree!

WendyB said...

I think I will have to pass on this look -- a 40-year-old in shredded leggings doesn't sound like a good idea.

Chloe's Chic Conception said...

Yes! You will definitely have to show us all what the end result is!

And I am seriously jealous of you for staying home to lounge on Friday...

Have a great day


Mila said...

Dear! Give it a try..i am sure you'll succeed!