just a little note.

i was planning on spending my thursday night working on new posts but instead have found myself up at 3am & back on ticketmaster purchasing even more goldfrapp tickets.

thanks to a frapp insider, i was informed that radio city music hall's orchestra pit section
(read : best seats available) had mysteriously gone on sale just yesterday.

so i nabbed a pair for me & my mate.

four rows from the stage. dead center. aisle seats.

someone pinch me? please?

love, A.

(flickr/live at the beacon)


discothequechic said...

hehe, you and your goldfrapp!

i'm excited for you purely because you'll be in nyc again.


and whats that about weekend markets? double eeheh!


ps, but seriously now, write some posts; I'm enjoying them so much!

billajenny said...

I have to brag here.. I was center, front row at stage Arena to Goldfrapp at Roskile this year, the second coolest consert ever following Radiohead!

alex hannah said...

tickets go on sale next week for their side show in sydney. ahhh not very excited?

claire said...

cool! how many times have you seen them now?

the most i've seen a band is 3 times, and thats xx teens, but mostly accidentally. make that 4 by the end of the summer :) x

emily said...

oh, that's so cool. have fun!

belle.chantelle said...


Alex said...

goldfrapp is fabulous, and you are so lucky it stings a little.

also this blog is nice.

Anonymous said...

congrats! i now you must be dying right now haha

charlotte said...

très beau blog mode kis!

LEESH said...

mmmmmmm goldfrapp! lucky girl, you are!

Shade said...

wowo you lucky lucky girl!

Anonymous said...


Alice said...

woaw we have the same music taste :D
i saw both Lykke Li and Goldfrapp in concert this summer, and it was just magic <3