the last two weeks have been hectic. what with summer courses ending (research papers) & work (eleven hour days) its hardly left me anytime for my nightly ritual inspirational internet & blog browsing. so, the second installment of 'sunday inspiration' is coming to you a week late but hopefully no less inspiring. enjoy.

(emmascloset, modefeber, stockholmstreetstyle, flickr, tfs, theselby)

love, A.

currently listening : ladytron : international dateline


SICK. said...

you are a busy bee.
albeit late-coming, the pictures are no less inspiring.
perhaps you could make them a bit bigger though ?


ps - shia labeouf is sexyyy.

discothequechic said...

i'm absolutely loving all of the updates of late!

and the collage IS totally inspirational..

little miss s. said...

of course I never expect anything less from your blog my dear ;)


Kathleen said...

Love the blog. Stop by mine sometime, I'd love to hear what you think. - Kathleen @

Knight Cat said...

hey girl,
i havent been able to respond to your email with the music recommendations-i love every thing you told me to listen to! thank you, thank you thank you! i will get back to you through email (about which ones are my favorites)!

if you ever need anything just email me..i was thinking i can send you a mixed cd or something..get back to me!

LEESH said...

i'm so in love with the jean shorts, white tee, black blazer and tall sandals look right now- PERFECT for the summer to autumn transition!


Wendy said...

The collage is quite inspirational!

Mila said...

Very nice! <3
I really like the black items..

Hope you are fine, dear!!


emily said...

amazing inspiration! i love theselby.

July Stars said...

Super cute ...

little miss s. said...

ps: I love,love,love the second photo from the top
-striped top+highwasited skirt and jean jacket.
it's just perfection.

Anonymous said...

what do you work as?
I love your blog
and read it all the time
i admire your fashion

a. said...

to anonymous : sadly at the moment i am a student in my final year before college.

i plan on moving it up to nyc asap. & study fashion marketing/merchandising, fine art & photography.

xx A.