and i'll be your movie star.

tonight as i was unpacking my 'chloë sevigny for opening ceremony' tote bag & washing off the little bit of liquid eyeliner that remained from this weekend, i couldnt help but think just how oddly perfect this video depicts my weekend & just how crazy it was;

if ever i got the chance to dress up and hang around with crazy characters like róisín murphy ala movie star - it was definitely this weekend.

now im off to get a cup of my favourite plum tea, crawl into bed &
fall asleep listening to a bit of felt mountain.



Héloïse J. said...

i like seeing experimental projects. but what were they thinking when making this video?!!! i really can't get it. still let me know is my favourite one. everything about it.

*what a weekend you seem to have had!! ^^

Anonymous said...

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discothequechic said...

umm, abby my dear..
did you have a wrestle with jodie harsh this weekend?


Chintz said...

Hello hello... just found your blog when searching for 'Alexa Chung Hair' as mine is currently totally full of split ends, and I was considering getting it cut just like hers... and after seeing yours, I am definitely decided! Yours is absolutely darling and so chic.

I absolutely love your blog too - I've only just started mine, but yours is just like mine aspires to be :) I added you to my blogroll.

I'm Lucy x

Paris Tarts said...

I'm loving your blog right now :)


Knight Cat said...

youhave awesome taste in music love :)

tuntra said...

I love this woman and everything she does <3