a coffee & a cigarette.

just last week a certain fashion blog that i have a certain love/hate relationship with, featured iekeliene stange as their MOTM (model of the moment)
now, dont get me wrong i adore iekeliene, i just think its time to feature more models who havent been as exposed on the radar as some have.

case in point, my MOTM - lara stone.

it seems that every ad i look at, every editorial i love features this same girl, who for the longest time i didnt realize was just any one girl. there she was up on my wall calendar (the francais vogue one of course), on the cover of journal magazine. a cover that i absolutely swooned over the last time i saw it in american apparel hanging up behind the counter. shes also featured in the lust worthy french vogue supplement this month. you know the one - shot by the sartorialist. brilliant stuff. & she even popped up, not too long ago, on one of my favourite blogger friends blog - discotheque confusion.

maybe its because shes so badass (getting kicked out of school & sent away to paris), maybe its that adorable gap between her teeth, maybe its those impossible cheekbones or the fact that she has one of the largest (ahem) chests in the modeling world, or maybe its the way she makes smoking a million packs of cigarettes a day look so undeniably chic?

but really should we have to have a reason? because as stevie said "we all heart lara stone."

i know i do.



Fleurr De Lux said...

Yay! The Lara post! I heart her as well. Why can't I get the boot from school and go to Paris to be a supermodel? Oh right, because I'm not 6,000 ft. tall with razor sharp cheekbones, that's why...

Fleurr De Lux said...

ps can we go have a cigarette now?

electroguy said...

I love your blog, I really do.

electroguy said...

How do you put those little youtube videos?

discothequechic said...


this post just makes me want to go "respectt!"

she really is number one. and that journal cover? don't get me started!..


ps, i have the same love/hate thing for WWWD. Those videos are the most cringeworthy thing I've seen since.. heidi and spencer on the hills.

pps, and yeah, thanks for the mention! made me smile.

SICK. said...

yay lara.
i stared at her face all last month, she's too entrancing.