& le packing.

i will be leaving for new york city very early in the morning.
my first time ever. can you believe it?
the best mate & i shopping for 48 hours? ah, its sure to be pure bliss.

expect loads & loads more pictures soon plus a complete review.



SICK. said...

i hope you know: i am very jealous.

at least i get to go this summer, eeee !!


LIZ said...

oh my god darling,
this is simply going to be the best trip EVER.
see you bright & early ;]

discothequechic said...

exciting stuff!
i'm going next week.
i don't even know where to begin with packing!
ps, check your email!

Lucia. said...

i am so very jealous of you going to new york! hope you have a fantastic time though! xxx

Jelenie said...

how exciting! enjoy your trip! :)

jayne said...

wow! have fun! i finally went for the first time this fall & it was amazing of course :)

Romany said...

Oh my - EVERYONE has been blogging about this particular Nylon magazine issue...perhaps I should lose my Nylon virginity (lol! Sorry, couldn't resist) this month and go out and buy it? Assuming, of course, it's sold here in Australia...
Great blog! Have fun in New York!