all the movies i ever find myself really, really wanting to see each have one thing in common: sienna miller.

what can i say, i love sienna. i've loved her ever since i was fifteen and bought my first balenciaga bag & vintage pair of cowboy boots in her honour. and it seems that not only do i have a love for her sense of style but also for her choice of movie roles.

the latest to catch my attention was interview. i've wanted to see it for forever, and finally tonight, i got the chance.

it's the kind of movie that makes having serious problems, going completely mad, smoking (at least) two packs of cigarettes & drinking more than one bottle of wine in a night look somewhat chic. in that heroin chic sortof way. movies tend to do that, dont they?

later to come - NY & perhaps a bit of stockholm fashion week coverage/favourites.



Héloïse J. said...

your 1st Balenciaga bag at 15? wow :D i'm jealous!!!

mad_fashionista said...

Yeah, about that, i'm jelous too! As for Sienna, i have never really liked her, but started to love her after "Factory Girl".

Lovedy blog! Always love your songs choice.

Ali said...

sienna was on one of the v. first vogues i bought on my own (excluding the one's mum subscribed too). i was obsessed then, im obsessed now.

ps. stockholm fashion week! i cant wait for you to do your little post! i bet fillipa K and Acne 's shows were beyond fabulous.

SICK. said...

that movie looks so amazing, & i think steve buscemi might help it's perfection.


hannah said...

i thought she was wonderful in the movie, her flat was so nice! but the plot left a lot to be desired.

wonderful blog!