sept faits - seven facts.

un. my ipod never ever leaves my side. i take it with me everywhere. it's with me from the moment i wake up until the moment i go to sleep. obviously, i love music. music is my boyfriend. music is my hot hot sex. i don't know what i would do without it. my tastes vary from jazz to house to disco to opera to (european) pop to indie. music sets the mood for everything - a little jazz for a bubble bath, some house for dinner parties & some deep trance for a late night drive with friends. it's one of the the best feelings in the world. current musical obsession : róisín murphy. but i'm sure most all of you are already very much aware of that.

deux. i love the smell of bookshops. the mix of new books, just printed glossy magazines, coffee & cigarettes from the people smoking outside is my favourite. even better, if it's winter & the wonderful cold air is blowing about.

trois. i am addicted to vintage clothes. i love that when you buy a vintage piece you are almost always certain that no one else will have something just exactly like it. & i am all for originality. plus the joy of finding a great vintage designer piece is almost more rewarding than splurging on this seasons must have. too bad, though, that we have hardly any vintage shops worthy speaking of here. but i have had quite a few amazing finds downtown at the flea markets on weekend mornings. if only i lived closer to portobello road. flatmates, anyone?

quatre. i love the nighttime, the night life, clubs, late night parties, late night drives. [see number one] late night room service, late night anything really. i love it. everything is better at night. i am always, always up late - it's 3 in the morning now, even as i write this. as for mornings, well that's a totally different story...

cinq. i don't drive. i always get weird looks when i tell someone i am 18 & still don't own a car & still have never even taken a drivers ed class. but as i plan to move to nyc next year, i really wont be needing one & arent bikes so much chic-er, anyways? i think so. getting a brand new BMW sweet 16 style is so overrated. when i turned 16 i got a trip to paris. you decide.

six. if music & vintage clothes are my first addictions, fashion magazines cannot be far behind. if i had the choice between spending my lunch money on food or the newest issue of V, i would most definitely choose V. there's no question. i have stacks & stacks, bookshelf upon bookshelf filled with them. i can never seem to throw away any, for fear i'll lose something amazing that i might have looked over, the millionth time i'd scanned through it. every month i get so excited to see the new ones & what gorgeous photographs, products & tips will be inside. theres nothing like arriving home after a hard day to find a shimmering new issue placed in your post box.

sept. i religiously check photography blogs. obvious party favourites being the the cobrasnake- i even have my very own collection of cobra tees- & lastnightsparty. because theres nothing like seeing all those fabulous photos from all the fabulous parties you've been missing. they do offer somewhat of fashion inspiration every now & then. which brings me to my other adoration - street style blogs. ie. the face hunter & the sartorialist. talk about some fabulous style inspiration there! ♥ new favourites include : dirtydirtydancing & streetpeeper.

love, A.

if you want to see what i keep stored in my bag - check out mash from le book's latest post. i'm being featured!

& also a merci grand to deak for his help with my gorgeous collage


discothequechic said...

yeahh night time blogging.
It's what I'm all about!

Right now it's past 12. It's how I rolll.

Can completely empathise with the magazine addiction. I am considering totting up how much I spend on my monthly glossies, but I don't quite have the guts..

also, I'm a little confused; do you live in the UK or America?


PS, how cool is Deak? Borrell (sorry!)J Bell as Hallam Foe hybrid. You know him, obviously, this may not do justice.

Alexa said...

i'm the exact same way with magazines... it's getting to be a problem haha my dresser is filled with backissues and my floor is filled with the clothes that used to be there!

Jen (MahaloFashion.Com) said...

I feel the same about my ipod, gotta have it on me at all times!

Ali said...

dahling - i love this seven facts thing! so fun. love you miss you.xo

Anonymous said...