read me.

cant wait to get - style a to zoe;

really, who doesnt want to know how to dress like kiera or kate?

skinny bitch;

yet another birthday gift of mine & probably the most fabulous diet book ever.


new music : sophie ellis bextor : me & my imagination


sorry for the lack of posts last month; but ive got quite a few really lovely ones im working on. promise.


Patrice said...

sophie ellis bextor : me & my imagination has officially been added to my workout/morning run mix.

Bojana said...

That A to Zoe book will sell loads, I'm sure.

Have I already told you I love your blog? I'm linking you.

discothequechic said...

Take the compliment!
I chose your blog because you seem to have a great eye and sense of style. And you seem to post fairly frequently

And I am completely obsessed with Roisin at the moment too! So thats kind of why I love your blog I think!

Whats the reason behind your blog name, by the way? Nothing to do with Charlotte Gainsbourg?..

Anonymous said...

although im not a big fan of zoe i am totally intrigued in the book, i
might have to spend a day in a comfy arm chair with some starbucks at a borders books and check it out

LIZ said...

love skinny bitch, it completely changed my outlook on food; & theyre so tart, i love it!
& i also cant wait to spend a day in borders reading zoe's book; those are my favourite kind of days :]

SICK. said...

i asked for that book for christmas . i actually even want to read 'that extra half an inch' by victoria beckham. not exactly tolstoi, but nevertheless a worthy read.
like a guilty pleasure, sort of like laguna beach.


deexdeexdreamer said...

haha well ever since i saw the best reads link and saw the fab roisin coverage, it was love!

the song: playgound love by air

Anonymous said...