oxytoxin's flowing ever into my brain.

after seeing many an it girl & one particular street diva that i currently have a slight obsession with, don their own pairs, i was determined to get my hands on some of those shiny, uber tight black leggings & after finding out that the colour i so desperately adored was being discontinued & was no longer available online, i franticly started calling all the american apparel stores in my area, when finally - i found my pair. they arrived in the post today. someone is never taking them off.

inspired by

• it girls [two of my personal favourites]

• that particular street diva [róisín favours hers while performing on stage]

• gareth pugh spring 2007 runway [gareth is amazing. enough said. don't these look familiar?]



Amy Green said...

RE: Wanting to shop

I had a pair of brown suede APC clogs and I loved them sooo much. But my friend spilt her milkshake all over them and they were beyond repair. One of the saddest days of my life.

You blog is beautiful.

SICK. said...

those leggings are amazing.
i'd buy them if i weren't so cheap.

love the header;


discothequechic said...

i'm saving up for the ones by the Row, which are the ones that Ashley is wearing, obv!

Not cheap, I tell thee!

Love the header btw. Spent rather a while admireing it.

Hecuba J. said...

seems like necessary indeed! i'm in search for one too! :)