dear miami,

please buy me these.

faux balenciaga booties.

D&G jacket.

i've been a very good girl.


new music : looks by mstrkrft


Ali said...

love love love the booties? a possible christmas pressie? oh lala. love you. A

Bojana said...

Those are NOT Balenciaga?? Who dares make such a copycat??

Crazy shoes. I have a love/hate relationship with them

discothequechic said...

tres Mary Kate!
love it.
In response to Bojana, they're Victorias Secrets aren't they?..which is rather odd.
I can't believe there hasn't been a lawsuit or anything.
..but then again, Nicolas G doesn't seem that kind of guy.

discothequechic said...

haa, yes, I bought my skirt after seeing one of the assistants looking all hot and clothes horsish in hers.

And have you noticed that they all have retro euro names like lynda?

well, the ones in london do anyway, funny stuff!

I think you are fast becoming a good blog buddy! So much in common. Are you an NYC bitch?