i havent been so lucky these past two seasons to get my hands on one of lancomes coveted runway-inspired lipcolours; first it was behnaz sarafpour with that fabulous red & last season it was proenza schouler with the perfect pale pink. [which quicky became my favourite colour to wear for spring; i just used NARS 'roman holiday' instead ;]
so, this season i am determined to finally get my hands on a tube.
inspired by peter soms f/w 07 collection 'ps kiss' is a gorgeous deep burgandy shade that looks like you've been downing merlot all night with your chic-est of mates.

with that in mind ive already called my local lancome counter & added my name to the waiting list, which first opened today. but my lips wont get ahold of it until it hits the shelves on october 1st.

• just make sure to pair it with a well-mosturized bare face & your comfy smoke-hued stella mccartney knits for the ultimate in autumn dinner party sophistacation •

happy pouting everyone!

xx A.


Bojana said...

I bought a lipstick like that last year but have never worn it looks too goth on me. I think it suits blonde, pale girls very well.

The Stiletto Effect said...

that's an amazing colour!

Mash said...

fantastic colour , tell us if you finally got it :)
love your blog too darling <3