it girls.

nylon october issue.

seriously. this is all very exciting. taylor warren & cory kennedy on a cover?
+ valentine & riley keough?!

harpers bazaar october issue.

& then there's mary-kate.

“I run around my house naked with heels all the time. It’s so funny. All of my friends will tell you I love running around in kimonos and jewelry or naked with jewelry.”

new issues always get me excited. oh, lovely addictions!

xx A.


jayne said...

harper bazaar is one of the most frivilous magazines ever- it's all fashion photos, however there's nothing wrong w/ frivolity, just see my quote under my header, plus that sounds like a very interesting interview

and hmm a cover devoted just to cory!? wow, that's ironic after my last post haha, but it'll be interesting and it fits b/c nylon loves cory, but who is the other girl?

alexgirl said...

Both of those covers have me excited about the new issues. MK looks really beautiful, but kind of old... or maybe just "mature."

Edie Abbot said...

Best nylon cover ever!
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