plastic brain scar.

le weekend

worked dressing rooms for tax free weekend.
starbucks. my feet hurt.
french soup; greek salad.
the girl who works the fragrances & i chatted.
about waffles & marc jacobs.
shes my new best friend.
went to bed early; got up at 2am.
couldnt sleep. watched chelsea lately & e!news.


varnished my nails.
& caught up on some reading.

the love of my life.

went to chipotle. my favourite resturant.

vegetarian burrito bowl. please.

more diet coke; i look like a bloody mess.


world market. mini champagne bottles & stacks of teabags.

if you didnt already know, darling - voss is totally the new evian.

i found this bag for my best friend. its so him. he'll love it.

old navy had this fab ad in their window.
so, i decided to pose in front of it.

it kinda just worked out like that ;]

bubble bath. felt mountain.
i fall asleep listening to alison & will.
they chat about the loo & how alison told someone to 'fuck off' at the supermarket.

oh, amour!

love, A.


cotton candy said...

ooh!! i love your white top!! it is so pretty!! wants!! lol.

and what a busy life you lead. i love the way you worded your post. it's so fun and refreshing. i love it.!!

Ana said...

your blog is rather nice. fresh.

Gloria said...

i like the music at chipotle.

Kat said...

Oh, I do like your wanderings. The pics in front of the ad are really cool. V. artistic.
Thanks for the comment:-) Your blog is great too, very different.

Tru said...

you looks so cute in that picture where you're doing the peace symbol very chic outfit

moi said...

hi darling - i miss chatting with you. your post was beyond adorable. i so need to update mine! i lovelovelove your photos - they're tres gorgeous.

liz said...

what a chic post; completely adore it - more please, gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Trop chou...!