c'est bridget!

ever since it's premire a month ago; ive been stuck to the telly every wednesday at 9 to watch girls [& one very cute guy] do the jobs that i have always dreamed of doing.

& out of the five girls the cameras follow each week - my favourite is bridget. she's always wearing something lust-worthy & her air of bitchiness is just too likable in this industry.


Fashionista Assignment: Seventh House PR
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Age: 24
Experience: Buyer, events coordinator, fashion intern
Stand Out Traits: Experienced, cute, very driven
Dream Job: Editor of Vogue, stylist, creative director for a major fashion house

Who is your style icon, Bridget?
I love the idea of Kate Moss meets Audrey Hepburn. Kate is the effortless tomboy and Audrey is the feminine sophisticate. I also identify with the easy and effortless style displayed by French women. Color, proportion… it all works, but is very different from stateside style. If I had to choose one wardrobe to live with it would be that of Catherine Deneuve in Belle de jour. Love!

How would you describe your personal style?
My signature look is androgynous glam. It is luxurious, yet grungy at the same time. Super chic with messy hair or a T-shirt paired with diamonds. My personal style is the fashion version of Rauschenberg, an eclectic mix that continually adapts to trends while embracing the concepts of new designers.

What's your favorite pair of dressy shoes?
I love patent leather and the transparent vinyl platforms that Karl Largerfeld did for Chanel SS 2007. I cannot stop thinking about them. Cannot.

What is your favorite accessory or jewelry piece?
A huge ring by Erickson Beamon (love, love, love Erickson Beamon) and the leather bracelets Paige Novick makes for Paige Six.

What items and brands are your staples?
My staple brands include Sue Stemp, Sretsis, Stephenson, Yigal Azrouel, George T-shirts (I like the ones for boys), Alice McCall, Issa, Charlotte Ronson, Tony Cohen, Vivienne Westwood and random vintage pieces I find. I cannot forget my staple cut-offs. I had this amazing pair of Levi's for so many years---they were way too big on me and recently they fell apart. So sad!

What items do you skimp and splurge on?
I splurge on accessories: A bag, sunglasses, shoes. I skimp on things like tops or tees. I think a Hanes T-shirt with a YSL bag and Karen Walker sunglasses is an amazing outfit.

What is your favorite handbag?
I still love my green Balenciaga Motorcycle bag. I have had it for years and it's undeniably worn in. I think I love it even more than when it was brand new. I am dying for a quilted Chanel chain bag. It's a classic. Tina looks so cute with hers.

What must-have wardrobe items should be in every woman's closet?
Everyone should have a dress or suit that they feel beautiful in. I do not necessarily think it has to be black. They should also have something that they really want, but probably couldn't afford. Just for the happiness factor.

What is your skin care routine?
I wash my face in the morning and at night, and I always have to exfoliate. Especially when I go spray tanning. Sometimes it turns me orange, so I am really trying to stop the addiction! I am all about facial moisturizers. I use Kiehl's, Sisley and Borba. I always use Cetaphil. It's an amazing beauty secret you can get at Kmart!

What's your favorite makeup?
I swear by MAC Strobe cream. I am obsessed with it. Perhaps too obsessed at times! I use the glimmer shimmer (even though the best shade was discontinued, ahem). Nars bronzer, Too Faced concealer, Too Faced "Dirt Bag" eye shadow, black eyeliner and that Maybelline mascara with the pink bottle and green wand. You know the one I'm talking about!

What about haircare products?
I am so bad at fixing my hair. It is always in knots. Bumble and Bumble seems to help it, but I am very open to suggestions!


she's everything i want to be when im a twenty-something fabulous fashion intern.
well, her or emily charlton from 'the devil wears prada'. she's just as fabulous - i love you emily ;]

xx A.

watch 'the fashionista diaries' wednesdays at 9 eastern on the soap network


That Fashionista said...

Love this post! I absolutely love Bridget, thanks for posting this!

The Stiletto Effect said...

great interview of her!

Anonymous said...

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